Mahal Naming mga Magulang at Mag-aaral ng IUCS:

Mabiyayang pamumuhay sa ating lahat sa mga panahong ito!

Naniniwala kaming ang Panginoon ay patuloy na nakasubaybay sa ating lahat at patuloy na nagmamahal at nangangalaga sa  ating mga pangangailangan!

Nagpapasalamat po kami sa inyong  mahabang pag-unawa, mga ipinahatid sa aming mga katanungan at clarifications  at pagsubaybay sa ating mga pagbabagong gagawin sa IUCS ngayong incoming SY 2020-2021.

Pinagsikapan na po naming abutin kayo sa pamamagitan ng aming mga Teachers at gayon din sa pamamagitan ng aming mga Facebook announcements, at di malaon ay sa pagtataguyod ng ating bagong IUCS website (

This Letter nonetheless seeks to make continuing Clarifications on various items that  have been relayed to us by you and various members of our  IUCS community through  these abovementioned channels.

We also seek to formally Advise on recent undertakings and  how we have set to address the next School year’s Learning mode.

First, on Matters related to continuing concerns over last Schoolyear requirements:

a. For Achievers, Candidates for Completion and Graduation:

1) Madami po sa inyo ang nagpapaabot sa amin ng kagustuhang magkaroon ng mga Recognition at Closing Ceremonies kaya’t naghintay po kami ng maaaring maging pagbabago sa mga Dep Ed at LGU-IATF Announcements;

2) At this point, with mass gatherings/face to face meetings of students still being prohibited, we have decided that having Closing rites will not be feasible anymore this School year. We will find ways and announce within this month of June, how and possibly when Celebratory Programs for Achievers and Completers will be held;  

3) All Certificates, pictures, copy of programs, medals and other awards will be distributed together with the Report Card. The Distribution Schedule will be announced at our FB page and website and via our Teachers.

           b. For settlement of SY 19-20 fee balances

  1.  A system has already been  set up for “frontliners” from among our teachers and Finance staff to address inquiries and settlements;
  • The List of those staff who can attend to your inquiries and settlement is on our Website and Facebook page. They will provide you with your respective information and direct you on specific steps to address these;
  • Napag alaman po namin na ang ilan sa mga naging responses ng aming frontliners ay nagkaroon ng miscommunications at ito po ay binigyan na rin namin ng solusyon;

c. For completion of Requirements

  1.  Respective Advisers of your children would have already given instructions to them on how their requirements can be completed. Schedule of Distribution of cards shall be announced by the last week of June at the latest.

Secondly, on our Learning Mode for the Next Schoolyear:

  1. Our Preparations for developing the New IUCS Learning Mode and Delivery Systems:     
  1. Since the March lockdown period, we have been regularly monitoring Dep Ed, IATF and LGU announcements related to student welfare and the Cavite health situation;
  • We have maximized studying through Webinars and online learning sessions for ensuring we align to Dep Ed prescriptions and determine the most suitable  IUCS Learning system for our students;
  • Based on our studies and discussions, and with utmost consideration for our children’s physical welfare, the IUCS Schoolboard has decided that for Schoolyear 2020-2021, we shall adopt a Distance Learning Mode;

The IUCS Distance Learning Mode shall be applied to respective students based on capabilities  related to internet connection and availability of computers and needed communications gadgets;

Thus, students may opt for internet based online learning, or through printed materials to be given out, and if needed, delivered by IUCS;

All students- whether doing learning online or via printed materials, shall have the same lessons, exercises, exams, etc and support from their  Teachers and the School in general.

  • A comprehensive Manual is currently being developed and shall be distributed for students, parents and teachers on how to prepare for,  undertake and collaborate on our new Learning environment;
  • Our Faculty is now preparing Modules for the Distance learning mode, which will have printed as well as online versions;

They will all teach and provide learning support from the School Campus using our School internet connection, computers, phones, etc.;

They will be closely collaborating with each other to maximize their teaching effectiveness, be able to tap into our School Learning resources and be continually supervised and supported by our Learning/Level Head Coordinators and Principals, among others;

They will also do individual follow up calls with their respective stduents, duly monitored by their respective Heads to ensure all students are supported, followed through and advised as needed.

  • We will simulate the different scenarios for learning sessions so we can provide appropriate responses;
  • We are also developing support systems to fully help our children’s new learning situation. These include considerations on delivery of Module materials, and LIBRARY RESOURCES among others, to delivery points in the different geographic locations of our students, holding of group consultation sessions/advisories in selected Network partners’ facilities within certain barangays or even in School campuses if permitted;
  • Our Guidance and Well-being Team is making follow up calls/Kamustahan with our past SY students and we look forward to covering everyone at the soonest possible time.

We shall also be undertaking scheduled counselling and prayer-calls with all the students at all levels during the incoming School year.

  • Career Counselling, support for College- Technical-Vocational Entrance Exams

Exams will also be prepared for and announced as to processes and schedules.

Thirdly on our Enrollment for the Incoming SY 2020-2021

  1. We have activated and are continuing to refine processes to ease enrollment for the next Schoolyear, with some of these already noted above as follows:
  1.  Online enrollment applications have been activated and are now fully available at the IUCS website,;
  •  Online payments for SY 19-20 Fee balances and even enrollment fees for the incoming SY 2020-2021 have also been available and information on our 3 IUCS Bank account details are also in our Facebook page and website, and may also be asked of from our teacher- frontliners.

c. Physical enrollment will commence once Dep Ed confirms this can already be undertaken; a full set of precautionary measures are already in place at the IUCS High School Satorre St. campus to provide maximum safety for all those coming for enrollment.

d. Further financial accommodations have also been undertaken by IUCS and also approved by our Board as follows:

  1. We have adopted a P10,000 “Enrolled na” mode, with the balance of fee payment to be applied based on choice of Cash payment (payable till end of October 2020) or Installment payment (payable till April 2020);
  • IUCS Fees for this Schoolyear have not been raised;
  • The most lenient schemes for Cash as well as Installment payments have been devised as indicated above and with details presented in our Website and facebook page; they may also be inquired of further through our Frontliner-Teachers as well as Finance staff whose names and contact details are also on these sites;
  • Subsidies and scholarships have also been made  available for certain levels and types of students;
  • Interest on delayed payments have been waived;
  • Refund on School Miscellaneous fees in the light of the adopted distance learning mode and other physical adjustments shall be announced and made before October 31 2020 upon determination of the enrollment figures by the time.

FINALLY, we look forward to the enrollment of your children soonest!

Our School has been making utmost preparations and considerations for the new Learning prescriptions as well as financial situation in our community. We believe the God who has stood by us all these 52 years of IUCS ministry on His behalf, will continue to guide and provide according to His perfect Will!

We are ready to consider all the needed flexibilities to ensure your children do not miss out on their education. You may visit us soon at the Campus at Enrollment time! 

In behalf of the IUCS Management and Staff,

Dr. Josefa Rizalina M.Bautista



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