About IUCS

Ever since 1968, the Imus Unida Christian School continuously aims to bring Quality Christian Education to its students. This purpose is as true now as it was when the school started 50 years ago.

Key members of the Imus Unida Church believed that expanding the church into a school can be a great opportunity to continue to share the Word of God to the community. They pooled together their faith and resources, and with the prayers of the church behind them, they opened the Imus Unida Christian school.

At first the classes were held in a few rooms around the church area. You or a person you know may have spent their first years in Nursery and Kinder as a student of the Imus Unida Christian School. We were one of the first pre-schools in the area! For a long time, parents would send their young children to IUCS!

Time passed and the favor of the Lord grew and the school could no longer just be a few rooms inside the church, expansion was needed! Through the support of our generous partners and the church members, the first building of the IUCS was constructed! The school now expanded to be able to serve students from Nursery to Grade 6!

In 2006, the IUCS celebrated their first batch of high school graduates. The school continued to grow as the Lord blessed IUCS with lovable students, hard-working teachers, and loyal staff and employees. The Imus Unida Christian School was booming!

By 2015, a new campus-building was erected through the support of many sponsors and donors. This is now the new home of the High School Department.

Surely God is good, and we will strive for more to provide Quality Christian Education in the years to come!

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